My sun porch

My sun porch

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leaning on Faith to work through discouragement

This week's memory verse:

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him". Hebrews 11:6

Have you ever been disappointed in yourself? Have you TRIED to be good and do good, and then go RIGHT BACK to bad habits and do what you DON'T want to do? This is happening to me once again with my eating and I don't understand myself! It's like I don't have enough faith in God or not enough faith in myself...I don't know...but it's discouraging!

I do these messages every day, and yes, I do believe that staying in close contact with God during daily Bible study makes me a more positive, hopeful and loving person. I am thankful that this morning habit has stayed a part of my life. I look forward to it each day and I love sharing what I learn and how it makes me feel with you through these messages.

BUT..I feel like a hypocrite because there are certain things in my life that I JUST CAN'T seem to stay consistent on...mainly eating healthy and getting exercise time in. This hour or so I spend in quiet time now is easy for me...why can't I find 30 minutes every day to exercise??? Why do I not PLAN what I am doing for lunch and then at lunch time end up going out (to get OUT of the library for a bit) and making the WRONG food choices?? I have said this MANY times before...I KNOW what to do...why can't I do it?

I can make a lot of excuses...I am a busy working mother with a lot of responsibilities...I am basically a good person with few vices...BLAH BLAH BLAH! It comes down to not enough faith in what I am trying to do and holding on to control. I need to get encouraged...I need to connect with God and renew my faith in him in this area. There are many examples in the Bible about people who by faith allowed God to do miracles, especially through Jesus. Read Luke 8:40-48 for two such people. Also, there are several verses that talks about faith and how it can help you. Below are some that our Bible study book lists today. I usually use the NIV translation. Today I looked these verses up in NIV, but then looked them up in The Message translation too. The Message sometimes says it in a way that I understand and that makes sense to me. I will write the verses as I found them in The Message today.

1 Corinthians 16:13 - keep your eyes open, hold on to your convictions, give it all you've got, be resolute. (Hmmmmm...I have't been giving it all I've got....)

Galatians 3:9 - those who live by faith are blessed like Abraham.

Galatians 5:5 - we expectantly await for a satisfying relationship with the Spirit
Ephesians 3:12 - when we trust in him (Christ) we're free to say whatever needs to be said, bold to go wherever we need to go.

Since I am finding my faith in myself lacking, I need to look to these reassuring verses...I can go to God with my doubts about myself and be bold to do what needs to be done and KNOW that the Spirit is living in me. We have talked about using the "Just for today" phrase before. I think I need to go back to that today. Just for today, I am going to rely on that healthy breakfast I had to get me through the morning. Just for today I am going to PLAN my lunch AND supper and NOT eat fast food ( I don't want to go out in the ice anyway!) Just for today I will spend 15 minutes 2 times today walking in the library going up and down steps getting some needed exercise! I am thanking to God for this time of rejuvenation this morning and I ask that He gives me the strength to DO these things today!

I pray that when your faith is lacking, you can turn to God and the reassurance from the Bible to regain the power that lies in your faith in a God who loves you and wants to see you be strong!


  1. We all have our vices...some are worse than others. I feel what you are saying as far as not having the willpower to stop doing what we shouldn't be doing. Sometimes these vices are detrimental to ourselves, sometimes to others. I'm in the belief that having a vice or two is what makes us human. If not for them, we would be TOO perfect. It's God's little way of keeping us grounded, giving us something to work on and to make ourselves better. Sometimes these vices get the better of us. Sometimes we defeat them. Sometimes they rear their ugly heads and bite us again.

    If I had to choose vices, I'm thinking eating would be the lesser of many. However I see what you are saying and I can appreciate it. It's frustrating to have a goal and not attain it. I'm a chronic fingernail biter. I've always done it. I hate it and I've tried to stop but it continually returns. It's a nervous habit! LOL

    But is it the worst habit I could have? No. It's just something I wish I didn't do. And the same can be said for you and your little demon. I wouldn't be hard on yourself. It gives you a goal and even if you are never able to defeat it, it's not what defines you as a person! :-)

  2. You are so right! Since I am participating in a group that is focusing on healthy living, my non-healthy habits is what I am focused n right now. Everyone HAS to eat, so it is a hard thing to get a handle on. You just can't quit eating cold turkey as you can with other bad habits.
    As I read back over my post that day, I was pretty hard on myself...I am usually not that bad. I don't want to be perfect...that would be no fun!! LOL I think I just shoot to improve myself a little every day. While weight has always been an issue with me. I have come a long way in obsessing about doesn't define me. You are so kind to encourage me! And I remember you issue with your fingernails. My husband has that same habit. Apparently lots of people deal with that...including Lebron James! You are not alone!