My sun porch

My sun porch

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Discipline...for our own benefit

This week's memory verse:
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you." Psalm 32:8

If you are like me, you desire a disciplined life. I want to be able to say that I discipline myself every day to exercise and eat only healthy foods and spend wisely. That is my goal...but I don't discipline myself enough to say that I meet my goal every day.

Another thing we teach the kids at KidsPraise is that the Bible is like a flashlight because it shines light on our dark paths. That is not just a catchy phrase to grab the attention of's true for us adults as well. As a matter of fact...Psalm 119:105 says just that!

How can the Bible, which was written THOUSANDS of years ago, shine light on my problems and dark paths today? Well...the main reason...God is just that good!

All of Psalm 119 talks about God's laws, precepts and decrees. Throughout the Bible, God gives us his commands, teaches us through others' stories, and gives us advice, and tells us how we should live. In the New Testament, Jesus taught us even more about how we should we should treat others, how we should handle money, how we should act.  Why is this book, that has survived thousands of years, mainly concerned with how we should live our lives? Because God loves us and wants us to be happy....and wants our obedience. Why does he want our obedience? Because he knows it will ultimately lead to our being with him in heaven...he wants us to be happy with him forever!

Psalm 119:110 says that the wicked have set traps for me, making me want to turn from God's word and his commands. I believe that...but I believe I am my own worst wicked enemy.  I tend to worry about what others own laziness, greed and lust have caused me to turn away from God at times...thinking I can do this life better on my own. How blessed and lucky I am that I have realized in those moments that I DON'T know better than God and I CAN'T do this life right without God's commands to keep me straight. I need the Bible's light to brighten my dark path.

Sometimes we need an accountability partner to help us as well. For example: I know that on my own I WIIL NOT stick an exercise plan...but if I ask someone to exercise with me...then I will be more likely to follow through because I don't want to let the other person down. 

When you do the things that are right for you...exercise, eating right, spending end up feeling better mentally and physically. Imagine that! God knows that well! That is why he gave us commands and decrees in the first place! Being disciplined in God's ways will bring us health and joy!

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