My sun porch

My sun porch

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I like about Christmastime

Hello again friends! I haven't written for several weeks now, and I have missed it! I worked hard to keep up with the New Testament Challenge, and I thought I would give myself a little break from Bible study and my blog. Well...if you have ever been in the habit of doing something and then stop doing it for a while, you know how hard it is to start up again. 

Last night my husband said something that made me want to write. He said he hated Christmas and wished it were over. I have always loved Christmastime, so my gut reaction to his statement was hurt. How can you hate Christmas??? Bah humbug! But, when I asked him about it, he said he gets so tired of the commercials and the sappy Christmas movies. (He works at a television station so he can't escape it.) It seems it started so early this year, when it really is Christmastime, it is easy to already be sick of the music, and commercialism.

Yes, I have to admit, seeing the same annoying Christmas commercials over and over and seeing how this special holiday has become just another excuse for businesses to help improve the struggling economy... It does tend to lead us to forget the real reason for the season. No wonder some people just want it to be over!

But, while I strive to keep Jesus as the reason for the season, and lovingly set up my treasured nativity set, I also am thankful for the other things about Christmastime that I love and try to keep alive in my life.
1. Christmas music - I don't start playing it until after Thanksgiving (so I don't get tired of it.) Yes it's sappy, but the tunes and the nostalgia of it make me happy! There are songs that get my toe to tapping and songs that bring a tear to my eye. Music has always moved me...I look forward to enjoying Christmas music each year.
2. Excuses to get together. I love visiting with friends and family, and the holidays are sometimes the only times of the year that we make time for this. It doesn't have to be a big party...just sharing a meal and some conversation with people you care about. It makes you thankful for the people God placed in your life.
3. Decorations...I love AND hate this one. I have so many decorations and so little is hard for me to find time to decorate my home the way I want to. But the tradition of it...the remembering...noting who gave me what ornament asI hang them on the tree...the color and festiveness it gives my home. Some years I do better than others. This year I am doing a little at a time, but time is dwindling away...
4. Giving gifts...another one I love and hate. I love giving special gifts that make someone's day...I love being able to give to special charities and help people who I will never meet...but, there's never enough money to do all I want, and it takes so much time and effort to think of those perfect gifts. This year I'll just try to be creative and try not to think about what I hate about it! LOL (easier said than done!)

I will always love Christmas, but I sympathize with those who are just waiting for it to be over...I think there's more of those people out there than I know. So...I will smile at strangers, give my gifts, play my music and try to touch the people I come in contact with by a little of the Christmas spirit that lives inside me. Time already goes by so fast. Let's try to savor and enjoy the good things about Christmas!


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