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My sun porch

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I help out with a children's program at my church called "KidsPraise." Each month we focus on a different virtue and this month's virtue is determination. We usually have a cool "virtue song" each month to drive home the meaning of that virtue. This month the song's title is "Finish what I start." While it's meant for kids, I thought the words of the song are very appropriate for those of us on the journey to a healthier life. This week, I thought I would focus on parts of the song that could be good motivation to us.

The problem with starting a program for "living a healthy lifestyle" is that it's not something you can put on a "to do" list and cross it off when you can NEVER finish...until you're dead! Therefore, it's just that much more important to find ways to stay motivated and determined each day.

"Determination is my motivation

I'm not going to quit until I'm finished

I'm not going to stop until I'm done.

I'm not going to walk away until it's over

I'm going to finish what I start."

Our path to a healthy lifestyle is about DETERMINATION to meet several smaller goals we set along the way. "Living healthy" is such a broad term...SO MANY actions and behaviors go into it. All sides of our personalities need to be in balance and that takes a lot of time, planning, prayer...and determination.

Goals are easily set, easily adjusted, and easily given up on. But, we are learning that small attainable goals that keep us motivated to keep moving, and DETERMINATION is what it takes to MEET those larger goals and will lead us to a more healthy lifestyle.

So...How about you? Let's start the year out together making some small goals for ourselves. Spend some time alone, and with God. Begin to think, plan and pray about what small steps you can take to get you moving toward a healthier you. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Physical - How many pounds and inches could you safely lose in 12 weeks? What small amount of exercise time can you add to your daily routine?

Spiritual - How can you spend a few more minutes with God each day? What are some strategies you can use to memorize a few Bible verses that you can use to keep you motivated when you are low?

Mental - How can you plan for challenges before they happen? How can you plan to finish what you start?

Social - How can you rely on others, either family members, small group members, or close friends to keep you accountable and motivated? How can you encourage and motivate others?

Tomorrow we'll look more at this motivational "determination" song. What a fun way to get started in 2011! Feel free to comment and add your 2 cents as well!

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