My sun porch

My sun porch

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is YOUR adventure story...write it WITH God!

"The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper." (Proverbs 19:8 NIV)

I search for meaning and comfort every day. This life is HARD...and dealing with all the hard stuff can be overwhelming sometimes. If I were left to my own means, I would melt away in a puddle of tears and curl up in a ball and give up. But when I reach out to God, try to understand him and his ways...when I study and think and meditate on why things are they way they are, KNOWING that God IS there...I gain wisdom and strength and the courage to move forward and try to make my life better than it is right now.

Right now I am learning that my need to save the world and solve the problems of my family and friends is natural! God made women DESIRE to play an irreplaceable role in the story of their lives. Think about life as an a great epic novel. Don't we all want to be the main character in our own adventure? Don't we dream of being the brave heroine that saves the day?

What were your dreams for your life when you were younger? What did you want to be or do?

Some of us have never stopped dreaming and changing our stories. I changed majors in college 3 times, and have changed careers a few times too. While that might be frustrating for my family is exciting to me! I allow myself to dream right now...if I could do anything...what would it be? Where am I meant to be at THIS moment?

Allowing YOURSELF to dream a little bit, if YOU could be or do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

As you think about that...about the exciting role you are playing and COULD play in your own life story...remember this...any good story needs a good problem...some tension...a hard is an adventure. We need some hard times to appreciate the good times. 

But you say...I have had ENOUGH problems in my life...I don't want any more!!! Life is TOO hard sometimes! If I am writing my own story, I will write only happy things.

Well...I am sorry to tell you, it doesn't work that way. Jesus told us there WILL be hard times...we WILL struggle and we WILL have difficulties. BUT...remember the lesson that Jesus ultimately teaches us with his resurrection...Fredrick Buechner says it this way, "The resurrection means the worst thing is never the last thing." If you believe that, then you know that your adventure story will ultimately have a happy ending!!!

In your adventure story right now...are you experiencing difficulties and struggles? Allow God to work in your life through the other "characters" in your story. The hero or heroine in any good story needs supporting characters that impact their lives. Also...don't be afraid to dream about what your life COULD be. Be brave and lean on your faith in God's promises to give you the courage to work to make your life better for you and for the people around you. How could you be impacting the lives of those other characters in your story? Can you be brave enough, strong enough, wise enough to allow God to work through YOU? 

This is YOUR adventure...what if you collaborated with God in the writing of your story? Think of the possibilities!!!

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