My sun porch

My sun porch

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A little discipline...

"Stop grumbling among yourselves," Jesus answered." -- John 6:43

A mother cares so much for the well being and the future of her child that she says things and does things to discipline her child. When the child is doing something that could harm her, or if her child is creating a habit that could be dangerous for her future, the mother explains to the child why she should stop...sometimes this explanation hurts the child's pride. Sometimes, if the behavior is bad enough, the mother's discipline hurts the child's behind.

Well, this morning, I can relate to the child's pride being hurt because...I have been disciplined! Not by my mother, but by my Father God. Two verses that I read today talked about complaining and grumbling. Ok, Dad...I get the message!

I have been struggling lately. I have been trying to solve problems in my life and when my solutions don't work, I get sad, a little depressed and then I...complain. I talk to friends, coworkers and anyone who will listen, really, about the things that are making my life difficult. My friends and coworkers are very sweet and they listen, give advice and lift my spirits during my complaining. I really appreciate these people in my life! However, this morning I really stopped to think about the grumbling and complaining I have been doing. Is it productive? Is it solving anything? Is it just a way for me to get attention from my friends and coworkers? Is it sin?????

When I think of my own behavior, I think I am doing a pretty good job living a good life. I try to do the right things, be helpful to others...all those things we tell ourselves when we want to think we are a good person. But...have I complained? Have I worried? Have I grumbled? Has my grumbling taken up so much of my thoughts I have missed opportunities to help others who are in need? The uncomfortable answer to all of those statements is yes. Since all of those statements describe me being focused on me, me, me, instead of focusing on the power of God in my can be considered sin.

Because of this sin in my life, I have snapped at people I love and argued with those that I cherish. That has made me feel ashamed, guilty and bitter. Because I feel this way, I complain even more! The vicious cycle continues.

THAT'S why I needed some firm discipline this morning. My loving Father sees my behavior and knows that calling attention to my bad behavior and giving me suggestions on how to right the wrong that I am doing, I CAN change the bad behavior.

Discipline is not fun for the giver or the receiver. However, it is a necessary part of life. Today I am thankful that I have a caring Father who sends me messages that I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear them. My goal for today is to stop grumbling and complaining. Not only will I be changing some bad behavior, but I think my friends and coworkers will appreciate it too!

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