My sun porch

My sun porch

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Melancholy Christmas feeling

Why can't Christmas be like it was when I was a kid? I looked forward to Chrsitmas...the presents, the family, the fun, the tv shows, the food, the music...the anticipation was tantalizing!

Now, as an adult, I love the reason for the season and thank God for the gift of His Son who saves me every day! I sing His praises and I have moments of great joy!

But...that tantalizing anticipation is not there. It's five days until Christmas and while there is part of me that is looking forward to the big day, there is a bigger part of me that just wants it to be over so I can get on with regular life, regular eating and my regular routine.

That lack of excitement and antipation fills me with feelings of sadness and melancholy that I don't like.

I recently heard a friend sing a beautiful song..."Soon and Very Soon." It speaks about Jesus coming and all the wonders we will se when that happens. I love how it says all our sins will be erased and shame will be forgotten. (What a wonderful thought! I know God forgives my sins, but it's me who remembers the shame.)

But, the verse that gets me the most is the one that says soon I'll be with the one I love...

"I will be with the One I love

With unveiled face and I'll see Him

There my soul will be satisfied

Soon and very soon."

My soul will be satisfied...I won't feel lonely, unworthy, unlovely....I will have no unmet needs or desires. No more aches, pains and sickness. No more sadness and tears. I will no longer feel the subconscience need to eat to fill the void. There will be no void!

Hanging on to those promises will get me through this bout of seasonal melancholy. There are still things to be joyful about and even if Christmas doesn't hold the same joyous anticipation as it did when I was a child....I can still look forward to it and enjoy the joy I see on other faces as they enjoy it as well.

I encourage you to hang on to thosepromises that God made to all of us. THere will be a time when your soul will be satisfied as well!

Happy 5 Days 'till Christmas!

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