My sun porch

My sun porch

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas to you!!!

In these past several weeks, my postings have run the gamit of emotions. I have been sad over the death of a friend; I have been worried about money, my family, and work; I have felt joy at being with friends and family and reminded of my many blessings; I have had melancholy feelings about Christmases gone I read back over what I wrote, it makes me think I seem a bit mixed up! Exactly what mood am I in these days? But, I think God gave us emotions and feelings to let go of the hard things going on inside of us, kind of like the steam coming out of a pressure cooker. I think it is ok to feel and let others know what we are feeling...that is how we relate to others because we ALL have feelings. Some of us just show more than others.

Today though, I just want to concentrate on Christmas and the joy that God's gift of Jesus brings to me.

It's Christmas! Sing! Rejoice! Celebrate!
Let God create in you colorful explosions
Of joy and excitement!
Smile away fears, push away tears.
Out with the pretense, in with the praise!
Open your heart to light, trust and hope.
Awaken slumbering memories
Stir up stupendous dreams
Anticipate surprises
Open your arms wide!
Thank God for life.
Thank Him for the manger,
For the splintered cross, for the empty tomb.
Thank Him for the gift of Jesus,
The savior of the world.
Shout! Laugh! Share! Care!
And say to God on Christmas morning:
"I entrust myself anew to you today!"
It's Christmas!

That is my wish for you, my friends! Merry Christmas!

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