My sun porch

My sun porch

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God made you the way you are...what are you going to do about it?

This week's memory verse:
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

What is my purpose? Why am I here? What meaning is there to this human life? These are deep, deep questions that have baffled some of the greatest minds on this earth. We all have these kind of thoughts at some points in our lives...and usually those questions come up during periods of change in our lives...or when we NEED change.

The problem with questions like this is there is no one right answer...each person's purpose is different because we were created as individuals...we are different. But, the good thing is, many of us have similar situations, making it easier to help each other find the answers we are searching. If you are really looking for your purpose, or looking to find real meaning in your life, ask God for help and he will help you find it...sometimes he sends someone to be put in your path who has had similar  experiences and can help you.

Ephesians 2:8-10 says that through Christ,  we are to do good works that God prepared in advance for us to do. It kinda makes you think that maybe you were created the way you were for a reason, doesn't it?

My whole life...well, for as long as I can remember, weight has been an issue for me. I have always been heavier than I wanted to be...this kept me from enjoying sports, made me self-conscience, and sometimes kept me from doing things I wanted to do. This made me have self- doubt and low self esteem. I used to get mad at God...why did he make me this way? Why can't I be like my friend who can eat everything in sight and not gain a pound? Why can't I look cute in a bathing suit? My list of "WHY's" could go on a country mile!! 

I still struggle with weight every day, but since I have become friends with Jesus, I am learning to look at my weight in a different way. Psalm 139:13-16 says that God knew us and created us before we were born and all the days of my life are written in his book of life. Does that mean God KNEW I would struggle with my weight all my life? Jeremiah 29:11-13 says that God has plans to prosper us and not harm us, to give us hope and a future. Could that mean that my weight battles have a purpose for me and are part of God's plan for me?

I MADE MYSELF heavy because of the choices I made in my life...too much bread, potatoes, Grandma's peach cobbler...too little exercise and strenuous work...but I also MADE MYSELF a strong woman because of the hard work, study and other wise choices I have made in my life. God made me, but I made the choices. Some of my problems were caused by me. But God was there all along, using those choices to help me learn to WORK THROUGH the problems and blessings that have occurred because of those choices.

God wanted to have a relationship with his earthly human creation, so he sent Jesus to earth to teach us and ultimately die for us. Jesus calls us friends (John 15:14-16) and wants us to bear fruit. Instead of growing cherries from my earlobes...that means I am to do what I am led to do, bringing about good things for myself and others around me...I am to be the hands and feet of Jesus, doing his good work here on earth.

I share my weight issues with others and show that I am currently working through them. I am learning that my weight is part of who I am and I should give thanks for that! I don't think God wants me to use that as an excuse though...oh well, God made me fat so bring on the ice cream! I think that struggling with wise food choices and getting off by butt brings on is something that I am ALWAYS going to struggle with so I will ALWAYS need God's help! I will ALWAYS have something to work on. I have MANY other areas of my life that I need to work on too, but today I'll just concentrate on this one! God must have a lot of confidence in me 'cause he sure gives me a lot to handle sometimes!

Your constant struggle may not be with weight...but I bet you've got one. How can you look at it as a blessing instead of a curse? God knows you...he made you and uses your struggles to make you the person he wants you to be. You can fight him all your life or you can accept it and allow God to work through your's up to you!

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